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 Natural Demons

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PostNatural Demons

Recap-  Natural Demons are a classification of Demon known as Daimon or Daemon. These entities are most often associated with natural elements such as earth, air, fire, and water, and usually are represented by an animal form as well as a human form. Natural demons come in many sub-categories as well, but almost all begin as energy without a true personality or consciousness. They can however, gain form, power, and consciousness through magic, energy, or even through certain death rites in some cultures. The important thing to keep in mind is that these entities are neither good nor evil because they exist in nature, they follow the basic principles and rules of nature.

Section one- Animal Demons

Every natural demon is associated with one of the four elements in nature (There are five elements the fifth being spirit but that it discussed under spiritual demons) Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.
With that said, most of the natural demons are also associated with a different type of animal.  This section gets a little tricky because there are many different types of spirits in nature and not all of them are demons. natural Demons though, are basically a nature spirit.   They can be very very good or they can be very very dangerous as can most animals. It all depends on why it was summoned or created and what it is used for. Now, the main types of animal demons are Canines, Felines, Bovines and other hoofed animals, Birds, Reptiles, Fish, and Insects. This is not to say that these are the only types because they are not, there are many many more, but I don't have the time nor the energy to write them all here.
For this section I am going to give you a basic introduction to these types of demons so that you have a basic understanding of what they are.

  1. Canines-  A canine demon can be anything from a wolf to a poodle demon lol.  It just takes on the form of a dog like creature. Note: Werewolves are not demons, they are identified as other-kin or Human monsters.

  •  Lupine- (mainly just a wolf demon) (earth, water)
  • Hell hound or black dog- Phantom spirits that come in the form of a dog and usually warn of danger or misfortune. These are considered a bad omen, but they themselves are not dangerous. (Air, Fire)
  • Kitsune- Fox demon (Japanese) These are tricksters, shape shifters, mischievous but typically not dangerous. They do however, at times, like to eat humans. (Fire)
  • Fenrir- A demon known as  the father of all wolves.  (This is from Norse mythology and not the werewolf from harry potter lol). (All)
  • Amarok- A giant grey wolf often used for protection. Is very benevolent, wise and caring. Is loyal to those who are kind and good, can be dangerous to  those who seek to harm others. (earth, air)
  • Dog- Any type of dog that the demon takes the form as (typically earth or water)

2. Feline-

  • Manticore- Creature with the head of a cat and body of a lion, tail or a scorpian. (Fire)
  • Neko (Japanese) (fire, Air)
  • familiars (Any)- Demons that are used by witches as servants or companions are often depicted as cats (House cats). (All elements).
  • Various- Tigers, panthers, etc... (Mostly fire and air elements)

3. Bovine/Hoofed- Bonnacon- Large bull demon (Fire)
4. Bird- Mostly air and fire

  • harpy- Half human (usually lady but can be male) and half bird. There are black harpies, brown and grey and red harpies. Depending on the type of harpy, which bird is represented, and the area in which it resides, it can be any of the four elements.
  • Dragon- Can be bird type or reptile type. Bird type has wings and talons.  Fire breather is the element of fire and earth.
  • Pheonix- Bird that is associated with fire.  Rises from its own ashes to live again.
  • Caladrius- Snow white bird that brings harmony and peace and can purify evil or negative energy.
  • Roc- Typically not a nice bird. Giant black vulture like bird, has a forked tongue, known for carrying souls to the underworld.  Not as nice as a Thunderbird though. (Air and Earth)
  • Bat- Demon taken the form of a bat or vampire bat. Not typically associated with Vampires. Vampires are considered other kin or human monster by some but there are variations of this as there are different types of vampires such as Psychic vampire, undead vampire, pureblood vampire, blooded vampire etc... For more information on this I can do an article entirely on vampires.

5. Fish- All water elements

  • Siren- Often mistaken for a mermaid but is not actually a mermaid (mermaids are identified as fae). Sirens are fish like creatures usually the top half of a woman and the bottom half of a fish but not near as pretty as a mermaid.  Sirens have fangs, claws, and usually are grey or brownish in color, some blueish grey and have scales and spikes along their tails. They can transform into human but only for a short time as they need to return to their own water or they will die. They are known for their beautiful and hypnotic song and are said to lure sailors to the rocks where they crash their ships and drown. This is often speculated at but I don't believe that they are truly evil creatures, I think that after thousands of years of being hunted by men, killed, or worse, they finally decided that human men were sadistic, wicked creatures and should be killed and in some cases I would agree lol.
  • Kelpie- Hippocampus or water horse.  Mysterious but beautiful creatures of the deep. Typically dont attack unless they are attacked first.  \
  • Ice and water Dragon- Sea dragon or sea serpent.  Usually will breathe ice or water.

6. Insect- Mostly all earth elements

  • Parasites- Nasty little fuckers that latch onto a human and suck their energy.  Again not really evil, this is just their nature. In order to be evil it has to have an ulterior agenda and they do not, they only want to survive.  You can conjure and keep one, make it a familiar but why you would want to I don't know. But some people do like spider demons and moth demons. Those are the most popular and the only ones that I really know anything about but once again yuck lol (Earth)

7. Reptile-

  • Pytho- Snake demon (Any variety of snake) (Earth)
  • Basilisk- Dragon snake, can not breathe fire. (Earth)
  • Drake- Mini Dragon, cute, lovable, intelligent about the size of a house cat. Typically can't fly but if one is half bird type dragon then yes it can.
  • Dragon- Snake type Dragon not to be confused with a basilisk. Snake type dragons can breathe fire but typically do not have wings or legs. They are more like your typical Chinese Dragons. (Water and Fire)
  • Salamander- Lizard demons associated with fire (Fire and water elements)


  • will-o-the-wisp-
    Will-o’-the-wisps are very simple apparitions. They appear as balls of light, sometimes so bright that they hurt your eyes and other times so dim that you have to squint to see them. They usually have a blue-ish gleam to them, although red has also been reported.
    In some rare sightings, a dark figure has been seen carrying the light, as if it was a torch or a lantern. Despite carrying a light, the figure is always too dark to be described in detail.
    A light floating in the darkness might seem innocent, even friendly, but don’t be deceived. These attractive lights are almost always malevolent. They lead travelers onto dangerous land, perhaps a deep hole in a bog or a kingdom ruled by vicious fairies. Aside from their ability to dazzle and tantalize travelers, Will-o’-the-wisps are also powerful omens. They appear to be able to predict the future, appearing to people before their deaths or flocking to the sight of a tragedy before it takes place.
  • Bunyip- The bunyip is a mythical creature from Australian mythology. It is said to live in swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes. The bunyip purportedly made booming or roaring noises and was given to devouring human prey, especially women and children.
  • Oni- are a kind of yōkai, or supernatural ogre, or trolls in Japanese folklore. They typically portrayed as hulking figures with one or more horns growing out of their heads. Stereotypically, they are conceived of as red or blue-colored (green-colored), wearing loincloths of tiger pelt, and carrying iron clubs
  • Golem- In Jewish folklore, a golem is an animated anthropomorphic being that is magically created entirely from inanimate matter (specifically clay or mud). They are created for protection. 
  • Wendigo- In Algonquian folklore, the wendigo or windigo is a mythical cannibal monster or evil spirit native to the northern forests of the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada. Different beliefs and cultures vary on whether it is truly evil or not.  It may eat people, but so do many bears.
  • Magical Servant- A spirit or demon that is conjured by a witch in order to serve her or him. I actually have a spell for this but it should only be preformed by someone who is familiar with necromancy. You can make a magical servant out of a demon spirit or a human spirit but when you do, it becomes your responsibility.
  • Familiars- These are personal demons who are not servants but more of a helper or companion to a witch. They can take many many forms but typically take the form of an animal such as a wolf, cat, toad or an owl. (See not everything In Harry Potter is bullshit lol). There are various ways to acquire a familiar or personal demon, in most cases though, they find you, and you (The witch) make a spirit pact or bonding with them. Once this is done, you and your familiar are together forever ( or until you die).  You can break the bond if you wish but that should be done carefully and with great thought. (One thing that I have been asked a few times before is, can you bond a fallen? The answer is yes you can, such as having a Faustian contract with a demon, but I have to ask, why would anyone want to?

So, assuming you've read this last as I intended, you should be somewhat more familiar with what a demon is and what the different types are. If you want to know more about making a demon pact or bonding a demon then read my next article on the bonding ritual.

Natural Demons Gayvam10
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Natural Demons

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