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 Sess's Demon Classification

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PostSess's Demon Classification

Welcome to your guide to everything freaky and mysterious. Here you will learn about demon classification that does not follow along the lines of the classic Christian or Satanism beliefs system.  With this in mind I am going to try and stay away from words like Demonic or Satanic, as neither really applies to the type of entities that we are going to be discussing.
To first get you started on this subject you need to be better acquainted to what a demon actually is. For this I am going to break demons down into three separate category, each with their own sub-species category.  Further on in this article I will discuss each subcategory in more detail, but first, the three main categories of Demons.  1. Fallen/or angelic 2. Natural 3. Spiritual. There is a forth, pseudo-classification known as Human-demon hybrid, but as this is not a common or full blooded species, we'll save it for a later time.

So, What is a Demon?
In the Simplest term, a demon is an entity, not originally human, that is created through the will of another.
This may be confusing to you since Christianity belief states that demons are fallen angels who followed Lucifer, Gods first and most beautiful angel, down to hell when he was cast out of heaven. (There is actually more to it than that if you want to get into the whole war in heaven which I'm not as it doesn't really relate to basic demonology.) Suffice to say, fallen or angelic demons, like all other demons, are non-human entities created by the will of another as they were created by God himself.

What are the three Classifications of Demons?

  1. Fallen/Angelic-  The fallen are a classification of Demon who, like Lucifer, (Aka- Satan or the Devil) were cast out of Heaven and forced to follow Lucifer to hell. Some of them were actually Lucifer's followers, which ere the first to be cast out by Michael after the battle, then God turned to those who refused to fight and cast them out as well.  There is a choir or hierarchy of Fallen just as there is with Angels, and this will be discussed further in the sub-category section.
  2. Natural- Natural Demons are a classification of Demon known as Daimon or Daemon. These entities are most often associated with natural elements such as earth, air, fire, and water, and usually are represented by an animal form as well as a human form. Natural demons come in many sub-categories as well, but almost all begin as energy without a true personality or consciousness. They can however, gain form, power, and consciousness through magic, energy, or even through certain death rites in some cultures. The important thing to keep in mind is that these entities are neither good nor evil because they exist in nature, they follow the basic principles and rules of nature.
  3. Spiritual- Spiritual Demons like the others listed above are typically not created by the soul or spirit of a human being,( though there is a very rare variation to this rule), they are demons that are created through an act of something evil, or from the left over energy from something really bad or tragic that had taken place in a particular area.  As an example: Say that a tree was used to hang countless numbers of women accused of witchcraft.  The dark energy left over from that event could result in a spiritual demon being formed. It may take on the form of one of the witches, have her memories, sound and act like her, but it is not her, only the energy left over from the killings. Spiritual demons in most cases are very dark, and dangerous entities. Their main focus is to torment and harm the living. They may or may not have a consciousness, and they gain power by evil acts.  Latching onto someone who is very dark or wicked would be a food source for these creatures and so they are drawn to places where terrible things happen.  These types of demons are the ones known for "Demonic" type hauntings and possessions such as the Amityville Haunting.     Those practicing necromancy, Satanism, and black or dark magic often attempt to conjure and enslave such entities and use them for their own purposes though this is extremely unwise and often will result in the conjurer getting his ass handed to him.

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Sess's Demon Classification

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