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 Why I believe in the death penalty

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Why I believe in the death penalty Empty
PostSubject: Why I believe in the death penalty   Why I believe in the death penalty EmptyFri Nov 23, 2018 3:00 am

Those of you who know me pretty well know that I am a huge movie fan. I like to post reviews of movies and Tv shows that I find interesting and a lot of my topics are inspired by movies that I have seen. This post is no different.  I was watching a movie called "A time to Kill". For those who have not seen it, the movie focuses on the murder trial of a black father who shot and killed the two men responsible for raping and beating (nearly to death) his ten year old daughter. The prosecution is asking for the death penalty and the defense of course is looking for non-guilty by reason of temporary insanity verdict. There is no doubt that he committed the murders (I hesitate to call them crimes) because he shot them in plain view of spectators, law enforcement, and everyone who was present at the court house when they were being taken in to be arraigned. (Yes they were in custody when he killed them).

During the course of the trial an interesting question was raised. Is it ethical to uphold the death penalty? And if so, who deserves it?

- A time to Kill wrote:
In an unusual twist, the defense attorney, played my Matthew McConaughey, stated his opinion that he does believe in the death penalty, that it is not, in his opinion, used enough.

His aide, Sandra Bullock, gets upset and says "I'm sorry, I made a mistake. I thought you were one of the good guys." Her stance on the death penalty is that it should be abolished.

Jake (McConaughey) states that he IS one of the good guys. Does he believe that Carl Lee (his client) deserves the death penalty, no he does not. Do the two men that raped and nearly killed his 10 year old daughter? Hell yes.

This raised some interesting questions in my mind regarding my own personal stance on the death penalty. I've never been one to care much for human rights. Honestly, unless you're someone that I personally care about, my concerns for your well-being are pretty lacking. I'm not saying that I am void of empathy or sympathy, it's just that I don't really concern myself with matters that are outside of my private little bubble. I don't watch the news, I am not political, and the plights of total strangers doesn't overly concern me (unless they make a movie of it then I'll probably cry like a baby). I do care, just not enough to be bothered by something that doesn't directly affect me or those I love and care about. I know that sounds harsh but I learned a long time ago that closing off my heart is easier then wearing it on my sleeve.

With that said, I've never been overly concerned with death row inmates, or whether the death penalty should even be used. But, after watching this movie, I realized that I actually share many of the views that Jake the defense attorney has about this very subject.

I do not believe in rehabilitation, I think that once someone is released from prison, no matter how long their term, they will likely go back to committing the very crimes that they were imprisoned for to begin with. I do believe in the death penalty, to a degree. As long as the person is deserving of it and are found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. We shouldn't just go around frying people on principal. I'm not a barbarian. I believe whole-heartedly in let the punishment fit the crime. Even to the point where I think child molesters and rapists aught to have their assholes ripped the fuck apart in prison. Why separate them and keep them safe? Throw the fuckers in with the general population and see how it feels to be violated and have absolutely no control over what is happening to them, and no way to protect themselves. Let them know what it feels like to be helpless, scared, and used as a sperm bucket. Those men, I have no sympathy for.

Now the two men in the movie who raped the little girl were probably not in any danger of getting the death penalty, I am not sure but I think in most cases its not used for crimes where no one was murdered. Not really sure. The girls father obviously felt the same way which is why he killed them. Yes, he took matters into his own hands and sentenced them to death when they probably would have gotten a much much much lighter sentence, but then it bares to question, did they deserve death for what they did?

Well, in my opinion, yes. Did they deserve it? Absolutely. The girl didn't die, that's true, but was it their intention to kill her? Yes, I believe it was. After violating her, they beat her, urinated on her, threw full beer cans at her, hung her from a tree (The branch broke) and then they pitched her off a bridge and left her to die. Luckily her older brothers were sent out to look for her when she didn't return home and found her before she died. I'm almost positive that the two rapists expected her to die and so that to me is intent.

Putting myself in the mind set of her father, I might have done the same thing.  But, do I believe that her father, having murdered the two rapists, deserved the death penalty? Hell no! Honestly I think he did a public service in killing the two bastards but of course according to the law vigilante killings are not allowed. The old west was much more cut and dry, someone rapes your wife or daughter, string the fucker up. Why can't life be that simple again? lol. If you want to know the outcome of the trial, was Carl Lee set free or sentenced to death, well, I'd suggest you watch the movie. It really is a great movie and if you're anything like me, you'll bawl your eyes out during closing arguments.

With the question at hand, no I don't think its wrong to kill someone who deserves to be killed. I think the death penalty should be available in every state, however, I don't think it should be used lightly. The person needs to deserve it, needs to have intent to commit the crime, be likely to commit the same crime again (Carl Lee was not unless someone injured another of his kids thus this was an isolated event under extenuating circumstances), and should be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury, and show no repentance for the crime.

If all these terms are met then I say throw the switch. If the death penalty were used more often, and a real fear in the minds of criminals, then I believe there would be less of these heinous crimes committed in the first place. Set an example. Put the fear of God back into these animals. Life in prison with free room and board isn't a good enough deterrent. A life for a life is.

Why I believe in the death penalty Gayvam10
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Why I believe in the death penalty
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