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 Green Vampireism

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PostSubject: Green Vampireism   Tue Sep 25, 2018 11:02 pm

Greetings friends and fellow travelers. My name is Eva and I am the head of our Green Vampires chapter of our coven here in Ohio.
I decided to make this post to share a little bit with everyone about who and what we are and what we do.  In our chapter, the green vampires is a ladies only group. This is not because the men are not interested or we feel that we are superior to them, but because women at the core, are beings of creation and magic. We are capable of doing something which men are not, we give life. Life grows within us and then breaks forth from our bodies to join this world and add to its mystery and beauty.

Now, you may think this is a contradiction because what do vampires have to do with giving life. To answer that I have to first explain to you what the basic principle of vampireism is.  Fictional accounts of vampires have depicted them as being blood sucking monsters from beyond the grave. That is so far from the truth of what we are that it's almost comical.  The majority of us do not sleep in coffins or hang in caves. (Sess might hang from a cave I really don't know his sleeping habits well but he's the exception to the rule lol).

We don't turn into bats, swoop down and kidnap virgins, or turn into smoke. We don't need to be invited to enter a persons home though proper manners should be observed when visiting friends. Again Sess is the exception to this rule as he likes to just walk on in when ever he sees fit but we've all learned to tolerate and love him lol.

For the most part, vampires are just like everyone else. We have jobs, families, and friends. We pay bills, eat regular foods, and love to socialize. We can go out in daylight but like many non vampires (Mundanes) some of us prefer night. It's really a matter of personal taste. The main thing that sets us apart from others is that yes, we do feed.  Some feed on blood while others feed on different types of energy. The main purpose of feeding is absorb life or CHI. Chi is the fundamental life force that flows through all living things.  Even in the blood that a Sanguinarian drinks, there is chi, just as there is in the energy absorbed by Psychic Vampires.

The first thing that I want people to understand is that we don't attack anyone and steal the blood or energy that we absorb, nor do we force it on anyone. There is usually a contract in place between the donor and the vampire in which a mutual exchange is agreed upon. Feeding can take place in many different ways, can be ritualistic, a group activity or a solitary practice. I could go into further detail on this but a post on feeding really should be all it's own to give the reader a better understanding of what it really means to feed.

The point in telling you all of this is to explain how Vampires are connected to life and creation. It is life that sustains us be it through blood or energy pulled from others. As Green vampires, we are all about finding the life force in every living thing in our world. We use a balance of psychic energy, Vampire magic, and earth magic to commune, exist, and give homage to all things in nature. Now, not all Vampires practice magic, in fact, in some covens the use of Magic is quite rare.  Even vampire magic is something that is being forgotten and pushed to the side by many clans. with establishing the Green Vampire chapter of our coven it was my hope that we could keep the old ways alive while incorporating other forms of magic and nature worship into our traditions.  

Witchcraft in itself is not something that is required in Vampireism nor is it something that is overly common but we do not discourage the use of the craft in our traditions.  There are vampires who find themselves drawn to magic and so for them it's natural to walk both paths.  Using green magic is more or less using the energy and chi of everything around you. People, animals, trees, water, fire, all the elements as well as the spirits.  We work in unison with that energy, creating a personal bond between ourselves and the source and then learning to harness and manipulate that energy.  Manipulate may not be the best word to use here because I don't mean manipulate in a negative fashion but more or less to change, form, mold, and utilize the energy around us.   That in effect is the basis of what Vampire magic is and its why or one of the reasons why we seek out chi to absorb.  By taking in the chi of another living thing we become closer to it and can understand it better.  Eventually it becomes a part of us and we become a part of it, existing in perfect harmony.  

A psi or energy vampire can walk more in this world than can a Sang vampire because the psi vampire can see the energy on many different levels and in many different forms where as a Sang is limited to the chi present in blood. For this reason, currently all of our green vampire ladies are psi vampires and have a basic understanding of earth magic. with that said, our men are not discouraged from practicing magic if they so choose but as not, as of yet, part of our green chapter though this has been up for debate but so far has been voted against. As of now, just the ladies are privy to this little group, sorry boys. Razz
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Assistant Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Green Vampireism   Wed Sep 26, 2018 6:02 am

thank you so much for sharing all of the information , its really cool to know and read Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Green Vampireism   Wed Sep 26, 2018 8:06 am

Awesome post Eva, thank you so much for participating.
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PostSubject: Re: Green Vampireism   

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Green Vampireism
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