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 Crazy person stealing diapers

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PostCrazy person stealing diapers

My daughter Autumn gets diapers delivered through a medical supply place. We get a shipment of five packs per month and that usually lasts us the entire month. Lately we've noticed that she seems to be going through diapers like crazy and at the end of the month were running short. At first we thought that she was just changing them too often and when its not needed but now we're not too sure. Raven noted last week that we had three packs of diapers left when he went out on the back porch to grab a pack. Last night he went out to grab a pack and noticed that of the three packs we were supposed to have, there was only one pack left. Now, he was positive that there were three packs left after he'd taken one. So for there to be only one left was a little alarming. We know that the kids didn't go out there and get any, and there is no way that Autumn would go through three packs in one week. That's excessive even for her. The only thing that we can think of is that some idiot has been coming into our yard, opening the screen door/gate on our back porch, and going up on the porch to steal diapers out of the box that we leave sitting out there.

I can't even imagine why someone would steal diapers and this couldn't have been a one time thing because we've been running short for a few months now.  The only thing I can come up with is that someone has an incontinence problem and instead of buying their own diapers is taking ours, or the crazy bitch down the street that is constantly harassing us has been taking them for God knows why. Either to annoy us, or maybe shes donating them or selling them, I really have no idea. Hell, maybe shes using them herself. It seems funny that Raven tells her kids to get out of our yard, then the police show up and say that our son has been running the streets unsupervised and trying to kill cats with an axe that frankly is way to heavy for him to lift. Besides that, we have 5 cats of our own that he loves, why would he try to kill any? But after that suddenly now our diapers are coming up missing and who else would know they were there except for her and her kids who have been nosing around our property?

I don't know. Just seems a little strange. All these things happen around the same time. It's like this woman has nothing better to do than to make life miserable for us. I say that she lives up the street and that's not necessarily right or wrong. She does live up the street.  We are the second to the last house on our street, she is on the street that runs directly in front of our street and a few houses down, so from the end of my street you can see her house. My point being, she actually lives on another street.  Her son has friends on THAT street. Other than us, and the lady two houses down whose grand-kids come by every other weekend, there are no other children on this street, yet her son finds it necessary to come over and play on our street almost right in front of our house. Even came in our yard that one time that Raven chased him off, he and his sister were playing on my kids swing set. Now, they are not friends with my kids, they constantly bully my son, and my kids were not even outside, which is why Raven told them leave. Their mom also finds it necessary to walk up and down our street every other day even though she has no business being on our street.  I know everyone on our street and she has no friends or family on this street so to me that says she's trying to be nosy. We've even found our mail laying on the porch instead of being in the mail box. Raven wonders if its the kids doing it but Alex usually brings it inside and gives it to us. I think shes probably going through our mail too, but I don't really know for sure, it's just a hunch.

This woman has been trying to get our kids taken away and has tried to get both me and Raven arrested numerous times but each time the police just kind of laugh her off. Personally, I'm getting sick of her crap. Her vendetta against us stems from her belief that all gay men ( probably all men in general) are child molesters. She has accused Raven of this to his face and told the police that Raven is a convicted child molester and then claimed that both he and I were at the bus stop leering inappropriately at the children. I told the police No, I was sitting in my van with my son waiting on the bus because it was raining. I am not now nor have I ever been interested sexually in children and if that is the only thing on that woman's mind then she is the sicko not me. But she doesn't like the idea that two men are raising young kids, apparently father's shouldn't raise their children, only mothers should.

Raven's checked out this woman's facebook page before, she's obsessed with sexual offenders and is constantly posting warnings to people and news about missing kids and not only in our area but everywhere. She's a member of various groups for sex abuse survivors, domestic abuse survivors, and groups against rape and child abuse and many more. It totally consumes her life to the point where she sees potential offenders everywhere. She also post things about men being wicked and evil and should not be trusted. She seems like she really hates men, gay or straight, and sees us all as nothing but sex obsessed monsters ready to attack anyone that comes our way. Well, bitch don't need to worry about me. Even if I wasn't gay I wouldn't touch her skanky ass with someone else's dick. She looks like a meth head prostitute that's had way too many clients, been rode hard and put away wet. She probably has crabs, the clap, and a bunch of other STD's that I don't really care to contract lol. Maybe that's her plan, infect as many men as possible.  She's seriously fucked in the head!

Crazy person stealing diapers Gayvam10
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Crazy person stealing diapers :: Comments

Re: Crazy person stealing diapers
Post on Sun Oct 14, 2018 3:07 pm by Disa
Sess, Maybe you could get one of those cheap video recorders from Walmart or somewhere and focus it on the door to the screen porch or the place where the diapers are stored to see what's happening to them.

We couldn't figure out what was tearing up everything on our back porch- it ended up being a squirrel that got in somehow and went nutso knocking things off the shelves and eating up the insides of our cushions.
Re: Crazy person stealing diapers
Post on Tue Oct 16, 2018 8:27 am by Midieval
Still having issues with that crazy bitch? She needs a life. Just keep the diapers inside from now on. It's not worth getting upset over. You know she's going to do what ever she can to mess with you so limit her opportunities.
Re: Crazy person stealing diapers
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Crazy person stealing diapers

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