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 Trip to Cleveland

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PostTrip to Cleveland

I know that I have mentioned a few times about going to Cleveland with my daughter to see her neurologist, but I don't think I ever went into great details about what this trip entails. So I'm going to explain a bit more about what we do and then give an update about her appointment yesterday.

First thing, she has an appointment every 6 months. Once a year she gets an EEG where they attach electrodes to her head and monitor her brain wave activity to see how active the seizures are. We didn't do this on her appointment yesterday which I was thankful for because this usually takes several hours to complete.

Before we even go to the appointment I have to call about a week in advance to schedule a ride up there through our insurance.
Once the ride is scheduled I let her school know that she will be off school that day because it's an all day trip. The night before her appointment i go to the store and buy snacks that I'm going to take up with us. I pack us a small lunch, pack drinks, and a few things for us to snack on and put this in her diaper bag. I make sure I have diapers, wipes and a change of clothes for her, then I take a long some things for her to play with or read in the car on the way up. It's an hour ride there and an hour ride back and depending on how backed up the office is, we could be there an hour or more.

Once I sign in, we wait in the lobby for her to be called back. They have some toys and books that she can play with or read. Eventually she will get hungry and I'll let her eat her lunch. Once her name is called a nurse takes us back and she gets Autumns vitals and weigh, and then asks me the routine questions about her development and if there have been any changes, things like that. we are then taken to an examination room to wait for the doctor. We usually don't wait to long in there. He's really good about getting to us pretty quickly.

When the dr sees her he will ask us how shes doing, how school is, how shes doing in school, and how shes doing at home. He will have her walk across the room and back to check her gate and balance. Then he has her get on the table and he checks her reflexes and her range of motion, noting the range of movement of her extremities.  Autistic children tend to hyper extend. He checks her heart and lungs, eyes, ears, and throat. Then he measures her head circumference. 

The dr will then go over with me all of his concerns, any concerns I have, he will explain to me the findings in her assessment. He will go over her medication list with me and the need for any changes in her medication. Usually he will order lab work for her which we get done during that visit. When he is done we'll head out to the front desk and make an appointment for her next visit. We then go down to the 1st floor and to the lab where Autumn gets her blood drawn. She usually does really good with this. Shes so used to getting blood drawn that she can pretty much tell the phlebotomist what to do lol

After that I call the transportation service, let them know that we are ready to leave and they call our driver and let him know. He's usually parked down the street or at a Mcdonalds waiting on us. A few times He's come in and waited in the lab waiting room for us, but usually he stays in the car. We sit outside on a bench and wait about 15 minutes for him to get through the traffic and then he picks us up and we begin the hour drive back to our house.

So, the driver that we had yesterday was really cool, a bit odd, but cool none the less. He was an older man, retired and had grown grandchildren. (I got the run down of his life story lol) He liked to talk lol. He told me about his wife that had passed away, his ex-girlfriend of five years that he recently broke up with, his daughter and his grand kids. He was super good with Autumn, he let her drink and eat in the car and she would ask him questions and he answered her never once seeming to get annoyed with her or anything. One thing I thought was funny was that the guy loved to complain, and he had some major road rage going. It was actually funny listening to him.

He was complaining about his boss and how incompetent he was, he could do this I guess because he'd already put in his notice and was starting with a new company in a couple of weeks lol He mostly complained that his boss never got the pay roll out on time, that he didn't give him enough hours nor gave him a raise that he was promised. He complained about how the guy doesn't do regular upkeep on the cars and when he (the driver) pays for any upkeep it's like pulling teeth to get compensated or reimbursed for it.

It was also funny listening to him bitch and complain about all the other drivers (not that I don't do that too) but he's the only driver I've had that has done that. he complained about traffic being backed up when he went to drop us off and pick us up. Complained about the valet's and about how they didn't know how to do their jobs, he complained about the parking system, about how the shuttle busses needed a separate lane so that the medical transport vehicles could get in. He complained about an ambulance blocking the way.  A woman in another car cut him off and he called her a stupid idiot and said that she needed to learn how to drive and then he had a few choice words about some other drivers on either side of us.

All in all It wasn't a bad trip. The dude did like to talk but I ended up falling asleep on the ride back and he just continued to complain while I was vaguely aware of it. lol.

Her appointment went ok too.  Her dr said that shes a little over weight, but over all doing well and developing really well. Her previous blood work showed that she was a bit low on something, I can't remember what he said it was but to make up for this he increased her keppra which is an anticonvulsant and then he ordered a full blood work up on her.  His main concern was just wanting to keep an eye on her kidneys because one of her medications, the Depakote, is known to cause Kidney issues. All in all though it was a really good appointment, Autumn is doing well, seizures are being controlled and she is developing properly.

Trip to Cleveland  Gayvam10
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Re: Trip to Cleveland
Post on Thu Oct 11, 2018 12:07 pm by daydreamer1
im really glad shes doing very well, good , lol@ driver , he seems cool

Trip to Cleveland

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