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 Bathtub dream

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PostSubject: Bathtub dream   Wed Oct 03, 2018 8:43 am

I've had this reoccurring dream for some time and would like nay thoughts or ideas about the meaning of it.

In most cases I either find myself in a huge old house, usually one that were moving into or have just moved into recently, or I am in an old abandoned hospital. Where ever I am, I go into a room and find a nice sized type garden tub, very big and very deep. Something that at least two people could comfortably relax in. It's usually set into the wall with a ledge around it and steps leading down into it, kind of like a hot tub but it is actually a bathtub, there are facets in which you fill the tub up. Sometimes it has jets and other times it doesn't. There is never, however, a shower, its just a tub.

When I see this tub I have a strong desire to fill it up with hot water and bubbles and then climb in and relax. The catch here is that I am terrified of getting into the tub alone and I always end up asking Raven to sit in the room with me. I don't have the feeling like I will get hurt or that I'm scared of drowning but more like the room itself is haunted and I am afraid that whatever entity is in the room is going to show itself when I get into the tub. I get an eerie feeling when entering the room but I can be in there alone without getting scared, I just constantly am looking over my shoulder and feeling uneasy. It's the getting into the tub that really frightens me though and I know that I can not take a bath without some living person in the room with me.

I've had this dream several times off and on over the years and the only thing that I can honestly think of as to the reason is due to an experience that I once had in a nursing home that I worked in. I can honestly say that this was the only time when I had encountered a spirit and it really freaked me out so bad that I refused to ever go into a certain room again.

I was working night shift and we were cleaning wheelchairs. I would take a wheelchair and go into the shower room and clean it in the shower, dry it, then fold it up and park it next to the old whirl pool that was located in the shower room but never used. There is no sinister reason as to why the whirl pool wasn't used any more, no one that I know of died in it. I was told that in order to use the whirl pool we had to have someone on staff that was trained in aquatic therapy and that there wasn't funding available for this so the whirl pool had been disabled to avoid injury.

This shower room was located at the end of the hall, was the bigger of the 4 shower rooms that the facility had though it was the least used one and mostly used for storage. I'd been in and out of that room about 100 times and never once felt anything threatening in it, aside from the one time I had to pee really bad, was too far from the staff bathroom, and ran in there to use the toilet. I felt uneasy and nervous, like I was being watched but I figured it was more the fear of some resident or staff member walking in and catching me with my dick in my hand (the toilet area was wide open with no privacy dividers) rather than the fear of ghosts.

I'd hurried up, got done, washed my hands and then beat it out of there but as I've said, that was the only time I'd ever felt anything creepy. The night I was doing wheelchairs was different though. There was an oppressing feeling in the room. It seemed darker, colder, and more ominous than I had ever remembered that room being. The overhead light flickered and the room was cast in an eerie yellowish and almost sickly looking glow. As I bent down in the shower to dry the wheels of the chair I felt all the hairs on my arms stand up and chills ran throughout my body. I couldn't wait to get done and get the hell out of that room.

As I dried the last bit of metal on that old chair I tossed the towel aside and quickly folded the chair up and was about to deposit it with the others by the old whirl pool when something caught my attention. Out of the corner of my eye I saw something move. I knew that the shower room was empty when I'd first come in and the only door was to my back. There was no way that a resident or staff member could have come in, walked past me and then stood watching me from the other end of the room without my seeing them, especially not with my being so hyper vigilant at the moment.

In that moment I wanted to just turn tail and run. Something definitely did not feel right. Curiosity had gotten the better of me though and so I slowly turned my head to the side and there standing about 5 feet away from me was an old woman with thinning jet black and ratty hair, dressed in a hospital gown, bare foot, and very angry, staring at me with a mixture of outrage and contempt.

She didn't make any move to come near me, but just stood there, glaring at me. Her frame was small and frail. Her limbs were withered and grey and she had deep set, dark circles under each of her eyes. Though she didn't speak I could tell without a doubt in my mind that that woman did not want me in that room. I actually got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I looked at her and something told me that if I did not leave she was going to harm me.

I made no attempt to speak to her, to ask her why she was there, or attempt to remove her from the shower room. This woman was not one of our residents. I knew every soul in that building and I had never seen this creature before in all the time that I had worked there. What's more, our residents did not wear hospital gowns, not unless they had just come from the hospital and I knew that none of ours had recently been out. Also, there is no way that we would allow one of our residents to look so shabby, for lack of a better word, we took better care of them than what I was seeing here. This woman was malnourished, her hair was needing a wash and comb badly and she just looked dirty. if I didn't know better, I'd say that she was a deranged, escaped, mental patient. She totally had the look of insanity in her eyes.

I wasted no time. I shoved the chair into a corner then turned and raced out of that room like my life depended on it. I went straight to the nurses station and told the nurse that the chairs weren't done but I was. If she wanted the rest of them washed, someone was going to have to go into that room with me because there was no way in hell that I was ever going into that shower room alone again. When I explained to her what I had seen she just shrugged and said okay. No arguments, no scolding, no telling me I was nuts. It was as if hearing I'd seen a sinister looking old hag was totally normal for her. Honestly, I found out later that it was. I wasn't the first person to have seen that lady and the staff on day shift even claim to avoid that shower room because of her.

No one really knew who she was or why she was there but there were speculations as to why she was there. Now, I've said that no one that I know of had ever died in the whirl pool, that was true, but had any one ever died in that room? I don't honestly know. I do know that in the early 1900's that room was a ward with five beds before the building was remolded. The building itself was an old mansion, built in the 1800's and denoted to the city when the last owner of it was very old and had contracted TB. The mansion was first used as a TB hospital where the owner, who was a nurse, worked until becoming a resident herself and then died there. She was spotted many times but she was nice. She would be seen checking on residents and offering them water. She always wore a pink night dress, and so many staff started calling her the lady in pink.

The home I worked in is now closed down but at the time it was considered one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio. I can totally see why. It's not often that something can scare me enough to leave a lasting impression and apparently this experience has given me nightmares for years after. At least, that's the only reason I can think of for my creepy bathtub dream. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about this dream and about the old woman who haunted the shower room. Thanks everyone.

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Lily Thunder
Lily Thunder

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PostSubject: Re: Bathtub dream   Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:44 pm

It wouldn't surprise me if you were more intuitive than you think...
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Assistant Mod
Assistant Mod

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PostSubject: Re: Bathtub dream   Wed Oct 03, 2018 7:44 pm

she freaked you out bad, icant figure it out at all , its just freaky , i think your right the bathtub is comfy but not where the impressioned person who haunted the room is , thats why you want someone near you in the tub
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PostSubject: Re: Bathtub dream   Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:19 pm

So if the reoccurring dream is that you are wanting to get into the tub, but you never actually do it feels to me that there is something beneath the surface of a situation that you aren't wanting to face. The dream will reoccur until the issue is resolved. The tub itself is inviting, something you want to get into. On the surface it seems great, beneath the surface (in the actual water) is something else entirely. With water being the element of emotion, it may be emotions you are struggling with.

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PostSubject: Re: Bathtub dream   

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Bathtub dream
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