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 Game- The Halloween Party

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PostSubject: Game- The Halloween Party   Sat Sep 29, 2018 11:48 am

This is kind of a logic puzzle type of game. Read the story below and then using the clues given, try to solve the puzzle.

Story- Gypsy is having a Halloween party. She decided to invite four of her friends, Sessy, Lisa, Donna, and Raven. Each of the guests dress up. Gypsy dresses as a witch. The others are dressed as a black cat, a zombie, an elf, and a bat. At this party Gypsy planned four games for the guests to play, Bobbing for apples, Pumpkin carving, a Scavenger hunt, and a costume contest. Each game rewards the winner with one prize, A gift card worth $50.00, a bag of candy, a golden pumpkin, and a stuffed witch doll.

Your job is to determine with the clues below, who dressed as what? Who won each game and what prize were they given. Good Luck.

Note- Gypsy is not the answer as she is the hostess and each guest was permitted to win only ONE contest each.

1. Sessy did not dress as an Elf.

2. The black cat did not win the Pumpkin carving contest.

3. Donna either won a stuffed witch doll or the gift card.

4. The one who won the scavenger hunt won a stuffed witch doll.

5. The black cat is not a boy.

6. The Zombie is not a girl.

7. Lisa did no Bob for apples.

8. The gift card did not go to the Pumpkin Carver.

9. The one who won the costume contest was not a boy.

10. All guests played the scavenger hunt but only the Bat won.

11. Gypsy gave the golden Pumpkin to the Zombie.

Game Guest Costume Prize

Bobbing for apples- ____________________ _______________ ______________________

Pumpkin Carving - ____________________ ________________ _____________________

Scavenger Hunt- ______________________ ________________ ______________________

Costume Contest- _______________________ _________________ ______________________
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Game- The Halloween Party
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