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 Bonding and Personal demons

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PostBonding and Personal demons

Before bonding to your personal demon or making a pact with one you need to really understand what it is that you are doing and asking of the spirit or the demon that you are attempting to make a pact with.
Before reading this any further, please make sure that you have read all of my articles on Demon classification and their sub-categories. This is a lot of reading but if you really are serious about doing this then you need to research is seriously and be well aware of the type of demon or spirit that you are bonding with, what they are like, what they can do, and how well this type of spirit will work with you.
If you are someone that works only in white magic then you would not want to make a pact with a demon that is more malevolent.  If you work a lot with earth magic you don't really want to make a pact with a demon that is solely a fire elemental because they won't be much use to you when preforming earth magic.  Thus, fish and insect types are not great for protection, bird types are very wise and great for all magical needs but they are not overly strong physically unless they are a hybrid of another type such as a dragon.  Reptile types are not always very loyal, especially pythos and salamanders.  Drakes are extremely loyal but are more child like and fun loving. They arn't overly serious and not good at fighting or protection and they won't harm or curse anyone.
Felines are wise, brave, somewhat loyal, caring and loving but also can be sneaky, manipulative, and self-serving. They are very independent, and quick to anger, and do not like their territory encroached upon.  On the other hand they are powerful, strong, great for use of magic but not great at protection mostly because if it doesn't benefit them they don't care. They are also very proud, easily offended, and not easy to work with.
Fish types are also proud and somewhat narcissistic. They may even refuse to work with someone whom they view as not being beautiful enough or interesting enough and when creating a pact with a spirit, you don't want to force them into it. It should be a equal agreement between the spirit and the witch.
Note that Insects will tend to turn on you and like to fight with other spirits. If you have more than one spirit around you, insects are not that great to have around then as they will attempt run off the other spirits.
Canines are the most loyal of all (and yes haha I still don't overly like dogs though I do love wolves and even have a white wolf spirit guide I call grandfather wolf so there Razz)
Wolves are great protectors and most dogs are very obedient though again you don't want to rule over it and declare yourself it's master but just saying they are easier to control.
I will reiterate here that making a bond with a fallen or any malevolent spirit is not recommended and I would not attempt EVER to bond to a reaper. This is actually not even possible as they are too powerful to bond to a human. The only way to contract with a Reaper is to trap it and force it into a contract and this will greatly anger it. It if ever broke free of the contract it would likely retaliate in a very unpleasant way.  This is not to say that you can not summon one and ASK nicely for it's assistance. If it likes you it may actually comply, if not, it will likely ignore you completely. reapers will rarely ask for anything in return of their services but it is proper manners to offer them something anyway. A lot of spirits are happy with wine or cakes or other trinkets, Reapers are not. They will be pleased with something more personal and sometimes hard to obtain. When summoning a Reaper I usually offer a few drops of my own blood or a small sacrifice of an animal. (Never a cat but that is my own personal choice there though I will add that sacrificing a cat for any reason may result in that cat coming back to haunt you). Small Birds are best to use as a sacrifice, butterflies, an unbaptized child lol no just kidding. Rodents and fish are frowned upon though as that is considered more of an insult. I'd go with a crow. (Don't use a sparrow this will anger a reaper as sparrows are death omens). Human blood is always the best, so prick your finger and drop your blood into a chalice of wine and there you go.

Now, about the bonding.
What does it mean to bond a demon or spirit?
Do not mistake this with binding. To bind something suggests to control it or keep it against its will and that is NOT what you want to do here.
Bonding a spirit or Demon means to create a pact with it. An equal exchange of you offering something in return for something from the demon or spirit. Pacts can be temporary in which a time limit is placed on the contract, or it can be forever.
Much like a marriage, when bonding to your Demon, you are entering into a personal relationship with it in which the two of you are equal partners. There is no master servant type of thing here, you are friends, companions, in some cases, teacher and student. Don't mistake this for a sexual relationship because that is usually not the purpose of the pact though some do use sex as part of the offering.  The bad thing is, when you offer your body to your demon, it becomes extremely jealous if you find a lover and may even attempt to break up any romantic relationships you have in the future.
To avoid this, make sure you state clearly in your pact that you are friends only.
So, the first step is to sit down and really think about why you are wanting to bond with a spirit or demon.
Is it for power? Love? health, life, money, or revenge? Are you wanting just a friend and companion, a protector maybe?
All of these things are possible, and much more. All I would say is that make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. it's possible that you have more than one reason for doing it. It could be something entirely more intimate and less material. (Again, Intimate does not mean sex).
The best example that I can give you of this is my own example.

Erros came into my life at a very dark time in my life. Before the bonding, before I even knew what he was, I was consumed with loneliness, depression, confusion and I was really looking for something in my life to anchor me to this world because I literally felt like I was slowly drifting away and becoming less human. I was scared that one day I would leave my body and just float away into nothingness. My pain and loneliness called out to a being that felt very much the same way that I felt.  At the time we were both very very young. I say young even though we both know that Erros is in fact very very old but the form he was in, his earth bound form, was very new. I was in my early twenties and had learned very little of witchcraft. The guy that had taught me up till that point had committed suicide and left me alone. I still remember how I felt the day I found out that he was dead and I think that the first time I felt Erros's energy was at Alex's funeral (yes that's why I gave my son the middle name of Alexander.)
for the first year or so following the funeral I would feel this energy around me. Sometimes I would almost hear someone calling to me though I could't really make out the words that it was saying I just knew that it was calling to me.  I was scared at first but over time I began to feel more comfortable when I felt the energy near me and that's why I chose one night to call it to me.
I remember laying in my bed and thinking about the entity, willing it to come to me. Now, the first thing I ever learned was how to build my energy, center it, and then direct it out at a particular object and then pull it back into me.  This came very easy to me as I would later find out because I'm a psychic vampire. When I did this though, I wasn't aware of that. To me a vampire was Brad Pitt drinking blood on a screen lol.
Anyway, I built up my energy and I offered it to the being so that it could communicate with me.  After about an hour of doing this I started to notice a cloud or greyish fog forming above me in the air, maybe five feet above me.  It didn't have a form yet, it looked like smoke, but I knew some how that it was the entity I'd been feeling for some time. Back then I was really into the movie the omen and so I started calling this mist "Damian" after the main character that was the antichrist in the movie. Yeah I know, I was a goth back then and into scary things lol
So I gave "Damian" my energy and he was able to communicate with me to some extent.  It took us both a while before he would manifest himself as a person but I was able to see him through meditation and by going into a trance or astral projection. The more energy I gave him the stronger he became but I still did not know his true name at this point or where he came from. Now, in the beginning I did strengthen our personal and intimate bond before preforming sexual magic with him but Erros is essentially part Incubus so it was easier to share myself with him this way, but its not something everyone needs to do.  Actually it's extremely dangerous to engage in intercourse with an Incubus and if he was a full blooded one I would not have been that brave lol. If you want to know later how it's possible to have sex with a demon I can explain that later lol.
So, I had actually been experimenting with Erros for about two years before I actually did the bonding ceremony with him. In the time before that I had done a lot of research, read everything I could find, practiced a lot, and even spent a year with two sisters who were solitary practitioners that taught me a lot of what I know today.
Omg those women were a trip and so fucking cool, I'll tell you about them sometime too.
They actually taught me how to do a house blessing and helped with an exorcism that me and a friend named Mike did on our friend Sean.
I don't want to write a book here, but that exorcism is important because that was the first time that Erros (Then called Damian) actually manifested to not only myself but to Mike and Brooke as well.  And Mike's spirit guide Christian helped to guide Erros (Damian) into me and him bonding.
Christian was the spirit of a knight from the crusades era that made a pact with a wizard after his death and has sense been serving every new incarnation of the wizard which is Mike now.
I can tell you the story of that in time too. man I have a lot to tell you lol .
So, I digress. Anyway, after Erros (Damian) was strong enough we did a bonding ritual that had bonded us together, creating a pact with him and me that basically led us to where we are now, though I did it a bit further last year and did a soul bonding with him as well, which is a different thing entirely.
But since the first time that I noticed him, and while growing with him, we both learned about each other, became stronger and have been an anchor to each other to keep each other from disappearing.  Once I had bonded with him I learned his true name (Which is not Erros) and I learned where he came from and why he is here now. 
The thing with the name is, its part of the bonding ceremony.  If Erros is not his real name then why didn't he keep the name Damian? Simple, I choose a new name for him. It's the name I call him by, what my friends and family call him and what he will answer to. His true name is used to summon him, in certain spells and rituals, and if need be, can be used to bind or even destroy him. See, part of the bonding is that there has to be an iron clad agreement and strong trust between the two making the pact.  His way of putting his trust into me, was by giving me the one thing I would need to send him back to hell and into the hands of his father who would more than likely kill him.
To will him to you, he would have to reveal his true name to you as well. Then you would create a pact with him as well. But that's another ceremony we can talk about later.
To create a pact to Bond with a spirit or demon there are five steps that you need to take.

  1. First you need to talk to your demon and come to an understanding, You may or may not be able to hear it but you should be able to see it. You can do this anyway that works for you. I meditate and go astral when doing this. You can use a mirror or candles or even water.  When you talk to your Demon you will want to explain to it what it is that you are wanting out of the relationship such as what are your goals? Is this a temporary thing or are you bonding to it for life. A temporary bond is done for the purpose of exchanging energy so that you can cast a certain spell or achieve a certain goal.  This is normally done for very detailed, bad ass spells and not simple spells you can do on your own.  A more permanent bonding is done for long term companion or familiar. If this is what you want you should be familiar with what a familiar is and what it can do.  These types of bonds you can't just use willynilly and then break them and cast them aside. Once you have an understanding and state your intentions clearly so that your demon understands its role in your life then you can move onto the next step.
  2. The contract- This can be done verbally, mentally, or physically in which you actually write it out and sign your name to it.  The contract between the two of you will define what you are going to give or what your role is and what they are giving or what their role is. Such as - I pledge my ________ and in return you will _______________. State this clearly and make sure that you word it properly.  Something like I pledge my soul and in return you will give me money, would be a poor contract.  You could get a dollar and die the next day.  Something like I pledge my soul on the day of my natural death and in return you will help me to grow my business so that I become rich and live comfortably for the next 30 years of my life. Now, this is just an example, this is actually more of a Faustian type contract made with a demon for personal gain.  I can help you come up with a contract that will better suit your needs, something close to what Erros and I had.
  3. The Offering- In this stage you offer something to your Demon and he/she offers something to you that will seal the bond. This is when Erros gave me his true name. I can't tell you what I offered him. Well I can if I wanted to but I don't want to lol. Once this offering is made it must be sealed with something, a symbol of the pact.  It can be something like a piece of jewelry that you wear all the time, something that you made that you will keep with you, or in a safe place, something that will last.  You can also bury something though it has to be a place where it will be undisturbed and where you can get to it should you wish to break the pact. I have a pendant that I sometimes ware but when not wearing it I keep it in a black bag in my jewelry box. What ever the object is, your demon will infuse it with his energy and you with yours and once you accept it, the pact with your demon is made.
  4. The next step is the naming Ceremony.  This is where you will give your demon its new name.  It must be something relevant and something you both can live with because you can't change it so long as the pact is made. Once you have given your demon its name you have to put the name on the symbol that you have chosen.  Either by carving it, painting it, writing it, whatever.  Check often to see that it does not fade and if it does, rewrite it.  Carving is best because it wont fade, at least not right away. maybe after 50 years. But this is an important step because it makes the Demon personal to you, you have given it something that is unique to you, something that can't be lost or stolen.
  5. The next and final step the simplest but most important.  Now that the above pact has been made, you and your demon will make a promise to each other. You promise to fulfill the terms of the contract, to be loyal to one another, and not allow your relationship to fall stagnant or become insincere. You must never lie to your demon or betray your demon and he in turn will promise to never lie to or betray you.  Once this promise has been made the two of you will be bound together until one of you dies, or the pact is broken.

Things that can break a pact:

  • You or your demon decide to end the bond and separate. Do this cautiously. we will discuss this further at another time.
  • If one of you breaks the pacts by breaking a rule or term set out by the pact.
  • If you will your demon to another person.

When you create your contract, certain things will be outlined such as permissions, rules, how to control your demon and such. Like how I say to keep it on a leash lol there are spells that you do to keep it from harming others, and you can actually limit how far it can stray from you, what to do in the event that you are sick, unconscious, dying etc...  All of this I can help you figure out when I help you to create your contract (if you decide to do the bonding) and then I will teach you how to do the ritual.
That's it for now. The next step is for you to decide what you want to do and if you chose to go further then that will be your second lesson.

Bonding and Personal demons Gayvam10
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Bonding and Personal demons

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