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 Spellbound: The secret of the Locket Part One

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Spellbound: The secret of the Locket Part One Empty
PostSubject: Spellbound: The secret of the Locket Part One   Spellbound: The secret of the Locket Part One EmptyWed Sep 26, 2018 2:57 pm

Quick Note: The information in this story is a mixture of fact and fiction. Some of it is rather obvious but some, not so much. If you want to know the facts about any landmarks or historical facts from the area please ask me and I can fill you in. One thing I would like to say is that the information about the battle on Kelly's Island is true, though the time line is slightly skewed as I actually combined two different battles for the purpose of the story. For those who may not be aware, Lake Erie is a huge lake (one of the great lakes) that empties into the ocean. There are shipwrecks from the famous battle located on the bottom of the lake. Many of the surrounding lakes and rivers merge with this lake as well, especially the Ohio river, and there are many stories from that era of when the battle took place of husbands dying at sea or in battle and their widows being left behind awaiting their return. So, with no further ado, here's the story.

Chapter One

They all arrived at the house ten minutes to midnight and each of them brought with them a warm, glowing, feel of togetherness. This was the first time that any of us had met outside of an internet chat room or instant messenger window. While we had at various times spoken over the phone, it was an entirely different sensation to have these three women standing in my living room, together, after so many years of talking about it and making plans. Finally it had happened, finally we were together, and it was going to be by far, the best weekend ever.

Cherie was the first one who'd actually reached my sleepy little town. She'd driven herself down while Donna and Lisa had taken a bus. Once here, Cherie drove to the bus station to wait for the others and then they all drove in together. To say I was excited was an understatement. We'd been planning this little rendezvous for four months, waiting for the weather to be perfect and then saving up the money needed for travel. I'd offered to help them financially but all three ladies adamantly refused to take my money.

That was fine, I told them, as long as they would allow me to cover the expenses for food and accommodations while they were here to which they all agreed. For this little excursion I'd booked us rooms at a small bed and breakfast just outside of Fairfield county on March road. It was a good hour and a half from my place but it would be well worth it. The B&B wasn't a well known little place but the people who had stayed there only had wonderful things to say about it. The atmosphere was supposed to be very peaceful and cozy with a country cabin type of feel. The place was a little ways out in the country and surrounded by a vast wooded area with a hiking path and a huge lake to one end of the property.

My mom had agreed to take Autumn over the weekend and my sister Stacey was keeping Alex so that raven and I could enjoy a child free weekend from the kids. We'd specifically planned to do this on an alternate weekend when Raven didn't have visitation with his children. It worked out rather well since we usually get his kids for two full weeks each summer but this year he and his ex wife agreed that he would take them more towards the end of summer which was when we had planned to take all the kids, including my oldest son Nicky and his boyfriend, to Ceder Point for the day.

With everything carefully planned and the weekend events mapped out, we were ready to start our adventure. We decided to stay at my place for the night and then head out in the morning. Cherie stayed in Nicky's room while Lisa and Donna camped out in the living room on my fold out couch. I had offered to let them use the kids rooms since they were with family over the weekend but each declined. I can't really blame them, I wouldn't want to sleep in Autumn's bed and the ladies were scared of all the reptiles and creepy crawlies in Alex's bedroom.

Five am came early, a little too early for me but I could manage it for one day I supposed. Lisa was the first one up. The smell of fresh coffee and rolls wafted through the house and into the bedroom that I shared with Raven. As if in a trance I awoke and drifted from my bed down stairs. I was just in my boxers and nothing else but modesty wasn't one of my strong points.

Lisa was standing in front of the stove lifting cinnamon rolls off a baking sheet with a spatula and placing them in a neat little circle on a serving platter. She turned with a smile when she heard me enter the room but the smile immediately faded once she saw me.

"Oh My God Sess!" She squealed. "Go and put some clothes on, geez."

I looked down at my sponge bob boxers and sighed. "It's too early for clothes." I walked over and sat at the table and lit a cigarette, yawning, as I tried my best to wake up.

"Here..." Lisa handed me a steaming cup of coffee. "Wake up."

"Um..." I inhaled the scent of the equate brand of bean and closed my eyes as if savoring the moment like one of those people in a Folgers commercial. "Pass me the french vanilla creamer?" I asked sweetly.

Lisa handed it to me and I smiled brightly at her. "You're an angel." I cooed.

She rolled her eyes and laughed. "You're not!"

Moments later Raven and Cherie came stumbling down the stairs. Cherie was complaining about being woken up at the crack of dawn.

"Hey it was your idea to leave early." Raven told her.

"This isn't early." She retorted. "This is insanity!" She walked over to the fold out couch and gave the side of it a swift kick.

Donna shot up in the bed and looked around with wide, wild eyes. "Don't shoot!" She screamed. "I had no idea the shit was stolen!"

Silence had fallen over the room as Donna looked around at the startled faces staring back at her. She grinned impishly and and yawned, stretching her arms high above her head. "Man was that a crazy ass dream." She quipped.

"Sure you were dreaming..." Cherie shook her head. "Get your convict ass out of that bed. If I can't sleep in no one else is either."

"Man are you a bitch in the morning." I had to laugh when I saw the look on Cherie's face. The night before when we had met for the first time in person she was a totally different woman. I had opened the front door and stared at her with tears in my eyes and her reaction was pretty much the same. The four of us immediately fell into one massive group hug followed by squeals of excitement over finally seeing each other in the flesh.

I invited them in and even more squealing erupted followed by more hugs when they met Raven for the first time.

Cherie was all smiles then. She's the oldest of us and a paragon of motherly love. She was dressed in a smart looking light pink pant suit with a low cut and ruffled white blouse. A baby blue and soft pink silk scarf was wrapped around her neck and her hair fell in a beautiful wave of deep red. But, what stood before me now was a thing of nightmares. Her hair was a tangled mass of unkempt rats. Her make-up was smudged and the look on her face was a warning to sea captains to turn the ship around.

Cherie glared at me. "Get dressed you perv!" She sneered.

Donna stumbled out of the make shift bed she'd previously occupied and nearly tripped over the end of blanket that was wrapped around her foot as she struggled to walk into the kitchen. Raven wasn't quite as frighting or hilarious as the a fore mentioned women were though he wasn't much of a morning person either and greatly resembled a zombie as he dragged his near lifeless form to the kitchen table and sat down beside me.

Honestly, Lisa was the only one out of the five of us who actually looked human. She was fully dressed in a clean pair of jeans with a light cotton T-shirt on that depicted three kittens in a basket with a ball of yarn. Her hair was recently washed and pulled back into a neat little pony tail. Her bright eyes and chipper mood was a bit annoying at first but it's something that tends to grow on you so I was able to deal, especially with the mug of hot coffee before me. The smell of the cinnamon buns filled the room and lightened the mood of everyone as Cherie and Donna joined us at the table.

It was a nice change of pace for me. Normally during the week I would pour a couple bowls of cold cereal for the kids before school but during summer I alternated between captain crunch and eggs and bacon. On weekends they usually got a treat of french toast or pancakes if I was feeling up to it. On bad days they got toaster treats. Today though I was seated at the table with my adult friends, no kids, no messes, and no screaming and fighting as I frantically tried to feed everyone while attempting to keep the blood shed to a minimum. I welcome the reprieve from my normal duties and also it was nice to have someone else do the cooking for a change. Not that Raven didn't cook sometimes, but he wasn't good at doing more than making oatmeal and occasionally scrambled eggs when the urge hit him.

I don't mind cooking but I get frustrated when the house is a mess and I have to clean the kitchen before making the food. For the last few days I had gone over board cleaning the house and getting it ready for the arrival of my three friends. I couldn't very well have them learn the truth, that my family is composed of a bunch of lazy ass slobs, Autumn being the biggest messer-upper, but I digress.

After we'd finished breakfast we started to load up the van. I drive a gold dodge caravan, a seven seater with a large space in back for storage as well as many more little secret cargo compartments. The three ladies were mostly packed other than what clothes and items they'd used to get ready that morning. Raven piled the bags up into the back while I stood against the side of the van reading a map. Raven cocked an eye-brow as he walked passed me.

"You don't even know how to read a map dip shit." He laughed. "Just use the GPS."

I shrugged, folded up the map, and stuffed it back into the glove box. "I just wanted to see how far away this place is from us."

"It's far." Raven said as he lugged another bag past me. "Take my word for it, it's in Lancaster." He threw the bag into the back of the van then wiped his brow and heaved a sigh of relief. "What the hell is in that thing, a dead body?"

"Of course not." Cherie smiled as she came out of the house. "I left that at home, it was stinking up my car. That bag you just threw in there so carelessly though contains a few odds and ends I thought we might need on our little vacation. Namely, my tarot cards, some candles, runes, my crystal ball, and different herbs and incense. It's probably the crystal ball that makes it so heavy."

"Seriously?" Raven stared at her in disbelief. "Are we going on vacation or holding a seance?"

Cherie shrugged. "Ya never know when you might come across some friendly ghosties, especially me. They seem to come out of the wood work."

"The ones I encounter usually aren't so friendly." I told them.

"Just don't introduce them to me." Cherie said. "I don't need something like that attaching itself to me and following me home."

"Don't worry about that." Raven frowned. "They usually just follow Sess home."

Moving past the friendly banter, we managed to get the rest of the stuff loaded into the van and after multiple trips to the toilet, we were ready to shove off around seven am.

With me driving, Raven beside me and the ladies taking up the rear, we all piled into the van and were on our way. A universal excitement surrounded us as we anticipated our three day get away. It was Friday morning and I told my mom and sister that I would pick the kids up Monday afternoon. Cherie and the others were planning on leaving Monday evening as they all wanted to stay long enough to meet the kids. Donna was particularly thrilled to be meeting Nicky for the first time. It was something that she'd been waiting on for a very long time.

As the sun rose up over the trees and tops of the building near my home, we held our breath in anticipation of the fun that was sure to come. This was going to be a weekend that none of us would soon forget!

We arrived in Lancaster around 10 am. It wasn't hard to find since I was using the GPS to guide me. Lancaster was a beautiful little town with many old and historical buildings, one of which being the B&B that we were headed for. It was located on the far end of town near Lake Hope. Lake Hope was a hot spot for tourists with a state park, camping, a beach, and a golf course. The part of the lake that we would be at was located on the property of the bed and breakfast. According to the flyer I'd found online there was a small dock that you could swim off of and there was a spot for fishing as well. I was really looking forward to doing some fishing but I wasn't sure if any of the ladies had any interest in it. Raven personally wasn't into fishing so it was usually something that I did with my youngest son Alex.

I had already planned out so many fun things for us to do. A picnic by the lake, maybe a cook out at night or a bonfire where we could all sit around and tell each other ghost stories. There were a couple of nice looking restaurants that I wanted to check out, and Raven and I were anxious to try out the golf course. Cherie had mentioned doing some antiquing while we were there. raven wouldn't be interested but I told her that I would go along with her. I liked shopping for antiques, especially if they had a dark or tragic history attached to them.

As we approached the bed and breakfast the girls were in awe. I could tell by the looks on their faces that I had done good in choosing the venue for our getaway. The house was a small Victorian cottage aptly named "The Old Victorian". It reminded me of a gingerbread house with the steep A framed gables and wood lace trim. The stone foundation and pillars attached to the porch gave it a very vintage and romantic appearance.

Beside the cottage was a guest residence that was used by the caretaker and his wife and a boat house was located by the lake. There was a pavilion and gazebo in the back that could be used for group events such as weddings, receptions, family reunions, or parties. The gazebo was open for anyone to use unless it was previously reserved but the pavilion had to be specifically reserved and it cost extra. That was fine with us, we had no use for the pavilion since there were actually picnic tables available down by the lake as well as an outdoor grill. I figured that the gazebo might be a nice spot for pictures or a romantic place to sit and watch the sun go down with Raven. All in all I think I had planned this vacation perfectly with many things that we could do which would cater to the tastes of everyone involved and using my mother's travelers points I was able to book the rooms for half the cost.

I'd booked a couples suite for Raven and myself, complete with a four poster desk and antique furnishings. Cherie had her own room as well, smaller than ours but equally as beautiful. Donna and Lisa unfortunately were sharing a room. It was a nice room with two twin beds but it didn't have a private bathroom as ours and Cherie's did. My choice for giving Cherie the private room was out of respect for her being the eldest of us all and plus I didn't want her ghostly friends to disturb someone else in the middle of the night if she'd had a roommate.

Neither Donna nor Lisa seemed to mind sharing a room, I think each were just thrilled to be getting a great vacation and a room at such a great rate-free!

Personally I was looking forwards to some alone time with raven sans kids, cats, and crazy neighbors. We had all day to spend with the ladies but during the night, it was our time to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country side and the serenity of the lake.

I parked the van around the back of the cottage and we walked around to the front of the building, each carrying one bag. We decided that we could unload the rest of the mess after we'd gotten our room keys. I was tired and ready to lay down for a short nap but as we were walking up the cobble stone walk way, Cherie and Lisa were remarking about all the things that were apparently going to do as soon as we'd checked in.

Cherie claimed that she would absolutely not be swimming because she wasn't about to let anyone see her in a bathing suit, but she wasn't opposed to sitting on the dock and letting her feet dangle in the water. I could swim, in fact it was one of my favorite sports. I felt alive in the water and was ready to jump in at every given opportunity. Hell, I'd go naked if I didn't think the ladies would complain. Maybe Donna wouldn't, but I was pretty sure that skinny dipping would cause Lisa and Cherie to faint on sight. Both had probably forgotten what a wiener looks like by now.

Listening to the girls giggle and discuss the plans of the day was already starting to wear me out. I couldn't believe the energy they all had. I was ready to just veg out in a beach chair but they were wide awake and rearing to go. Of course they hadn't been the one driving for the past two hours so it was more understandable that I was worn out. Besides being sleepy, I was also getting a little hungry. That's when my inner voice suddenly popped up and suggested that after we check in we go out and eat something. I could tell them about the restaurants that I'd researched and let them chose one. I hoped they would choose the Greek restaurant that I'd had my eye on though I knew that the prospect of that was not good. Cherie hates Gyros and Lisa was practically a vegan.

Donna, raven, and I apparently were the only really carnivorous ones in the group and for some reason I had a sinking feeling that the healthy choice veggie lovers would win out in the end. You would think that being three of us and two of them that the meat lovers would prevail, but that's just not the way we roll. Donna might have been more outspoken and let the others know what she wanted to do but as for me and raven, we are push overs. I'm constantly wanting to please everyone and will "take one for the team" if it means keeping my friends and family happy. Raven is just too shy to really speak out.

He tends to put a wall around himself that you couldn't break through with an AK-47. In time he would start to take down that wall, one brick at a time, but usually it took some major trust on his part. The good thing was that he basically already knew these women from our chats online, but meeting them in person had caused him a little anxiety along with the joy and excitement that we of course felt. It was amazing, it really was. Seeing these woman face to face after 3+ years of just hearing their voices or seeing their names on a screen, but it was also scary at first.

I had no idea what they would think of the real me. I didn't want to lose them as friends and that was a huge fear that I had when they'd finally meet me in person. What if they didn't like what they saw? What if they were too scared to be around me? I know that Raven has similar fears though he wasn't quite as apt to express his emotions as I was, he was more of the silent brooding type. That doesn't mean that he isn't a great guy when you get to know him, because he is. He's honestly the kindest, more caring person I've ever met in my life. The problem is just getting him to let you in. He chooses those he allows into his heart with delicate care and anyone who does get in, should feel honored that they were chosen to be his friend.

Once again I find myself diverting from my intended path while regaling this tale. I have so much to say about each of these people that I have chosen to bring with me, so many good things about them, but at some point this story has to have an end and if I indulged myself I could write forever. So, back on track. We checked in and split up to check out our respective rooms. We'd missed breakfast which was served promptly at 6am every morning. The menu for the meals were listed on the wall as you enter the dinning room. There were snacks and drinks set up in the dinning room that guests could help themselves to, mostly cookies, donuts, some finger sandwiches and then a small refrigerator with yogurt and other small containers of foods that don't necessarily make up a meal but certainly were good for staving off hunger.

We decided to forego the snack bar and head straight upstairs. I wanted to take a dip in the enormous pool of a bathtub in our room but I knew that would come much later. The ladies were eager to go exploring.

I entered the room that Raven and I would be sharing over the next three nights, dropped my bag in the middle of the floor then did a sprint across the room before jumping onto the bed and stretching my arms and legs out across the queen sized mattress.

"This is heaven." I moaned. "Do I really have to move?"

"Probably." Raven said as he sat down on the side of the bed. "Cherie will probably drag your ass out by your feet if you don't move pretty soon."

"Tell her I died." I joked.

"How about no?" Raven winked at me. "If I did that she might kill ME."

I laughed out loud. "I doubt she'd go that far but you would definitely be in pain the entire weekend."

"No doubt in my mind." Raven grinned. "I'm not going to let her control this whole expedition though." He crawled across the bed until he was leaning over me. I drew my legs up on either side as he leaned down to kiss me. "I have other plans for the two of us."

I kissed him back, wrapping my arms around his neck and he slid his hand up my shirt. Things were starting to get a little steamy when the door suddenly flew open and I heard Cherie's voice screeching across the room in surround sound.

"Oh My God dude! Can't the two of you go one damn day without fucking?!'

Raven sat up and turned to look at her, slightly annoyed. "Well thank the Lord you're here to keep us celebrate."

"That's right!" She quipped. "Now come on, Donna and Lisa found something they want to check out if it's open to the public. You can see it out their bedroom window."

The window from the girls room looked directly out over the lake. As Raven and I entered their room and made our way to the large bay window they were looking out it didn't take me long to realize what they had found, an old lighthouse on an island not far from where we were staying.

"Do you see it?"Lisa chirped. "The lighthouse! off the starboard bow!"

"Port bow." I corrected. "Starboard is the right side, port is left, assuming your window is the bow."

"The bow is the back of the boat right?" She asked me.

"Nope..." I shook my head. "The bow is the front, stern is the back."

Lisa shrugged. "I used to know that, It's been a while since I've gone sailing though."

I smiled at her. "Know any sea shanty's, do ya?" I asked.

"Maybe one." She blushed as she spoke. "But it's kind of naughty."

I grinned. "Most of 'em are."

"Alright." Cherie chimed in. "Enough of the nautical talk. They want to know if we can go visit it."

I shrugged. "I'll ask the hostess, she may know if it's open to the public. They might even give tours."

"Oh, that would be awesome!" Donna clapped her hands and smiled a wide, happy smile. "I would love to go on a tour of that lighthouse."

"Well, let me go check." I told them. "if nothing else maybe we can swim out to it."

"You can!" Lisa laughed. "It's a bit too far for me."

"Land lover." I winked at her. "Okay, I'll be right back."

The lady that ran the front desk, also the caretaker's wife, was a woman of many talents. Not only did she check guests in and out, but she was also responsible for all of the cleaning and cooking. She was an older woman, in her late sixties, but she was slender and more energetic then I would have thought a woman of her years would be. In all honesty, her energy level put mine to shame.

She was dressed in a pair of cream colored capris with a black shirt that had the name of the B&B stenciled on the left breast. She was wearing a pair of thin, flimsy, flip-flops, and had her blondish-grey hair pulled back into a pony tail that had a slight curl at the end. Other than her wedding ring and simple gold cross, she didn't have any jewelry on, though she did wear a thick pair of pink, plastic framed glasses with large, round lenses. I laughed to myself when I had first seen her because immediately my first impression was that she was stuck in a time warp and of course the song "Time Warp" began to play in my head.

Her name tag read Carrol and I could recall her telling us that that was her name. It suited her. I'd always associated the name Carrol with someone who was friendly and jolly, someone that you just couldn't dislike no matter what and she certainly fit the bill. One of the things that prompted me to make reservations at this particular bed and breakfast was because it said that it was LGBT friendly. I could tell that they weren't lying about that. When I had come in and introduced Raven as my husband Carrol gave us a huge, friendly smile, welcomes us and our friends and didn't seem put off in the least at having a gay couple sleep in her establishment. This left me feeling more at ease like I could be myself and not have to censor myself in order to escape criticism.

When I had come down stairs, Carrol was in the dinning room wiping down the table. I had learned earlier that there were three other guests registered at the B&B for the weekend. I was glad that I had made reservations in advance because the B&B was now full and there was a waiting list to get in.

Two others had arrived the night before, a young couple celebrating their first anniversary. The third guest had arrived this morning just two hours before us. Breakfast was served as it was each morning and then cleared away at 7:30am. This then left the hostess time to clean any rooms that had recently become vacant before the next guest arrived.

By this time, Carrol was just doing the normal chores of the house. Straightening up the dinning area and cleaning spills from the self serve station, vacuuming and dusting, and what ever else needed to be done in order to make the guests more comfortable.

When I entered the dinning area Carrol looked up and smiled that warm, welcome smile that I had seen earlier.

"Hell." She greeted me. "Is there anything I can get for you?"

"Nope, everything's fine." I told her. "I just had a quick question."

"Oh Okay, shoot."

"Well, I was wondering about this lighthouse we saw out one of the windows."

"You mean old Widows Watch lighthouse?" She asked.

I blinked. Widows watch lighthouse seemed an ominous name for something so beautiful. I shrugged. "I guess. That's an interesting name though."

"And and interesting story." She told me as she continued to wipe down the table and then the counter tops. "Have a seat, I'll get us some coffee and tell you what I know about it."

I nodded, sat at the table and waited as she put her rag aside, poured two cups of coffee and joined me at the table. I loved a good story, especially a ghost story, and I had a feeling that with a name like "Widows Watch" that was just what I was going to get.

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Spellbound: The secret of the Locket Part One
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